Organization Structure
Honorary Patron:Mrs. Regina Leung, The Wife of The Chief Executive, HKSAR

Honorary Consultants
Financial Consultant: Louis Lai & Luk (Certified Public Accountants)
Legal Consultant: Fred Kan & Co. (Solicitors & Notaries)
Service Consultants: Ms. Jolene Mui (Nurse Consultant, Community Psychiatry, Castle Peak Hospital)
  Dr. Chiu Siu Ning (Psychiatrist)
  Ms. Ide Chan (Clinical Psychologist, Tuen Mun Hospital)
  Prof. Linda C.W. Lam (Professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin N.T.)
  Dr. Michael H.P. Tsang (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (U.S.A.); Registered Clinical Psychologist)
  Dr. Daniel F.K. Wong (Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work & Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong)
  Mr. Zeno C.S. Leung (Lecturer, Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  Prof. Chi Chief Fung (Taiwan Ministry of Education Life Education Advisory Committee)
PR & Fundraising Consultant: Ms. Eliza Wong
PR & Media Consultant:  Ms. Maria Yu
2015-2017 Executive Committee Members 
Chairman: Ms. Chow Yuen Fun, Joyce
Secretary: Mr. Kan Pak Kei, Vincent
Committee Member: Ms. Yam Siu Fong, May
Treasurer: Ms. Hon Chor Shan, Sandra
Committee Member: Mr. Wong Yao Wing, Robert