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We can see there are two people standing face to face and the blank space is a candle stand showing brightness. The symbolic meaning is to help, accompany and listen to each other and there will be light in the dark as our mission statement had been stated. 
"Touch" means "Contact", "Understanding" and Sensitivity".
We . . . 
          "listen" to contact the voice of our callers;
          "care" to understand the needs of our callers:
          "are sensitive" to emphathize with the emotions of our callers.

We believe people with emotional trouble can be positively influenced by our sincerity, they may acquire our belief that there are always someone concerned about others --- "Lively Opportunity is Everywhere"!

  • "Grow" means growth, implying that Life Education helps people grow.
  • The logo is made brown to symbolically represent soil, a platform for plants to be nurtured and the letter "r" signifies the growing sprout.  It is the seeds of Life Education scattered on different soil.  When soil and sees have made contact, its sprouts grow.
  • "The logo is made green and yellow to represent healing & full of life respectively;
  • "Alive" summarizes the goal of our intervention;
  • The logo could be read as "a - live", again to help clients to live their lives;
  • Along with the Chinese slogan, we hope clients will be encouraged to leap through to the next day.  This explains although our centre provides short-term crisis service and is not designed to replace long-term counselling.  Our goal is to work with the client to safely reach tomorrow;
  • The leaping action signifies effort is required;
    The letter "i" represents a standing person despite being in a crisis; it also signifies a burning candle - still burning and still having the potential to stay alight.

  • "Care" means "Concern", "Care" and "Acceptance
    The "heart" represetns a bridge that links up the understanding and care between people;

  • The letter "a" symbolizes by a flag which imples trust and love based on which all of us are called forth to move forward. to present ourselves, and to care for others;
  • The logo is made purple to imply warmth and care.  It is believed that the message of caring will be conveyed through so long as we all commit ourselves to concern and care for others;
  • "Put our feet in others' shoes": We care for the feeling of others while we care for ourselves, so as to motivate and push others to acknowledge the importance of promoting care for each others.