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Hotline Volunteers

We hope that you can join our family and become one of the volunteers of Hotline Centre.

Be our volunteers

Pre-service Training

All volunteers have to go through a selection and training process to ensure the qaulity of service can be maintained.
Volunteers can only pass on to the next stage of training and practicum after assessment. The training for hotline volunteers are divided into three stages, lasting for one year.

In-Service Training

Apart from pre-service training, after being our volunteers, members can join our in-serving training provided regularly, including advance training course, special case handling workshops, case sharing and agency visits. This is to equip our volunteers with more knowledge and skills to better serve those with emotional distress.




1. What are the shifts that SBHK need the volunteers to be on duty?

The volunteers will be on duty in shifts, including day (am/pm), night and overnight. Volunteer recruitment will be depended on our needs.

2. What are the basic qualifications of volunteers?

You are not required to have any special academic qualifications or professional counselling skills. All we need is that you have to be:
aged 20 or above with secondary education level, willing to help and listen to others, mature, emotionally stable, and willing to participate in the pre-service and in-service training provided by us.                      

3. What is pre-service training?

Pre-serving training provided to hotline volunteers is divided into three stages and lasts for one year.  The content includes:

  • Basic listening skills
  • Case handling skills
  • Practicum

4. How can one be a hotline volunteer?

To ensure the quality of service can be maintained, all applicants have to go through our selection process.  Selected applicants have to attend our 3-stage pre-service training which lasts for one year.  They will be assessed at the end of each stage of training, after which they can be moved on to the next stage and finally become our volunteers and will be awarded a training certificate.

5. Do applicants need to pay for the pre-serving training?

Selected applicants have to pay $900 training fee to cover the costs of course materials and day camp training.  All fees collected are non-refundable.

6. Where can we get the application form?

By mail: Mail to us a return envelope with stamp(s) of $2 to 126-127, G/F., Kam Wah House, Choi Hung Estate, Kowloon and mark "Requesting Hotline Volunteer Application Form" on the envelope, or visit our website at www.sbhk.org.hk during recruitment period

For enquiries, please call 2790 8844, fax to 2343 6359, or email to touch@sbhk.org.hk