"Life Ambassadors" Volunteers

Apart from outreaching services, Life Education Centre also promotes the concept of mutual caring between neighbours. We conduct two batches of recruitment and training for Life Amabassadors. Through activities and case sharing, the volunteers will be enhanced with their knowledge on suicide. They will also learn the attitude and skills required when caring others. The ultimate goal is to make them be the community goal-keepers.

Home visits to the eldlery Experiential game to feel the life of the visually impaired
Group discussion Training in progress

The 64th Volunteer Training Course will be held in September 2020. Those who wish to participate in volunteer training should take the opportunity to welcome the application.


To the despair and the dilemma of people out of sympathetic hands, to be supported and appropriate emotional counseling, to help self-help goals.


Self-understanding, understanding suicide in Hong Kong and its symptoms, volunteers practical skills, training, and practicum

Date and time

Please refer to the volunteer recruitment brochure

Training Venue

Life Education Centre, Unit 1, 3/F.,Shui Tin House, Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei, Kln. (Near Shek Kip Mei MTR Station)

Internship location

Kowloon Cai Hong Village Jinhua floor underground 126-127 rooms

Target Participants

People age 20 or above


The HK $ 900 (for the first stage of the handout and training costs) through the initial interview,
   After receiving the payment notice, please attend the "Student Profile" at 22/8/2020
   (Details will be given at the notice of the admission) and the relevant fee will be paid on that date.
   All paid fees are not refundable.
The Successful training in the second and third stages will continue through the first phase of the assessment
   (Free of charge)


For application, please download:


The 64st Volunteer Application Form

( only Chinese version available )

The 64st Volunteer Recruitment Brochure

( only Chinese version available)


The 64st volunteer recruited poster

( only Chinese version available)

Please send the completed form and:

1) mail with $ 2 stamp and fill in the address of the return envelope to the Rainbow Center to obtain,
    Address: Room 126-127, Jinhua House, Rainbow Village, Kowloon, Please specify
    "60 Hong Kong Samaritan suicide prevention volunteer application".

2) The application form can be downloaded at http://www.sbhk.org.hk.

Apart from basic training, we also organize advance training for our Life Ambassadors. Please browse Past Activities for the latest activities.

We also welcome our Life Ambassadors to become a member of our "Life Ambassadors Alumni". This is to link up our Life Ambassadors from different batches to "learn and to serve" together. And our Life Ambassadors can also make use of this platform to support each other.

Testing Testing TEsting

Q1: What qualifications are required to be a "Life Ambassador"?

A1: You're not required for any specific qualification or professional consulting skill, you only eed to be:

Age in 18 or above and with secondary education

Sincere, Mature, Emotionally stable and attend all the classes in course

Q2: What's the difference between Life Ambassadors and Hotline Volunteers



Life Ambassadors

Hotline Volunteers

Duration of Training

Three months (including classes and practicum)

One year (three stages including Basic Listening Skills, Case Handling & Practicum)

Mode of Service

Mainly in outreaching

Answering hotline, reply help-seeking emails and interview service

No. of Places

Two batches in one year, each for about 24 persons after passing the interview

Three batches in two years without limit of places. Interview is required.


No assessment but participants have to complete the training and course work

Participants have to pass the assessment set for each stage before going to the next one


Completion of the training with at least 80% attendance rate will be awarded a certificate

Completion of three stages of training and the assessments will be awarded a certificate

After the Training

Life Ambassadors have to commit for at least ten hours of service and will have the chance to visit people with low suicide risks or who are in needs.

Hotline Volunteers have to servce in our Hotline Centre for at least one year



Q2:When will the course hold?

A2: Our Training is to be held on Thursday Night at 7:30 - 9:30, a few outdoor activities will be arranged on Saturday Afternoon. For more information, please read our course detail


Q3: Is there any charge for volunteer training?

A3. Admitted applicant has to pay $450 as training fee (for entrance fee of some sites and meal fee for reunion). All fee will be charged only after admission.


Q4. How to get the application form?

Please download the form here, and

1) fax to 23190778;

2) email to grow@sbhk.org.hk; or

3) mail to us and mark on the envelope: Application for Life Ambassador


Q5. For any further enquiries:

A5. Please call us at 23191269, fax to 23190778 or email to