Life Education Centre
Every life is percious, unique and should be cherished

People of Hong Kong always have a lot of pressues which can lead to emotional problems and affect one's life. However, many of us do not how do deal with the situation. The accumulation of emotional distress can be exhaustive and can even lead to intention and risk of suicide. To prevent these tragedies, it is important to have education is life cherishment and suicide prevention.

To promote the message of suicide prevention and life cherishment to the general public through outreaching service, Life Ambassadors Programme, Suicide Prevention Resource Library, and publication of teaching kits so that people can be a Community Goalkeeper to spot the emotional distress of and provide support to the people around them, which ultimtely can prevent suicides.
  • Enhance the community their knowledge on suicide prevention through education
  • Schools are the point of intervention
  • Through talks and training for peers on life cherishment and suicide prevention to deal with the problem of suicide