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Press Conference 2015 (Analysis On Suicide Statistics In Hong Kong 2015)2016.06.27

Suicide Statistics In Hong Kong

In 2015, The Coroner’s Court reported that 1,022 people committed suicide and the suicide rate was 13.94, indicating 13.94 people committed suicide and died out of 100,000 people, compared with 1,007 people committed suicide in 2014(the suicide rate was 13.86), there was an increase of 15 cases increase. The number of suicide deaths for male was 643 (62.92%) and for female was 379 (37.08%)


From 2006 to 2015, the number of suicide deaths of male was around 513 to 710, which constituted for over 60% of the number of death for each year. The percentage of suicide death of male showed an upward trend from 2010 to 2015. The mental health of male in Hong Kong has to be cared for.  


Men are less likely to seek help because of traditional mindset. They believe that they have to handle the problems by themselves. We suggest that the mental health of men in Hong Kong has to be concerned and encourage them to share their feeling with their family members and friends if they feel stressed. Meanwhile, people found with emotional instability and suicidal risk should seek assistance from the professionals, such as social workers, counsellors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrist.





Sharing from survivors (family members died of suicide)

SHAN aged around 40 and lived with her husband and two sons. Her eldest son studying in junior secondary school committed suicide by hanging with towel few years ago. That son had good academic result. He had asked his parent a few questions about life and death such as “Where will I go after I die?” “What is the feeling of suffocation?” His parents were not alert. He tried to hang himself with towel twice but was survived. He told his mother he made a try of hanging and felt painful. His mother thought he did this to force his parents to restrain himself less. His mother just reminded him not to do this again to avoid any accident.


Until few years ago, the start of the school year, his parents suspected he lied to them and therefore they disciplined him more. As he felt not being trust, he used towel to hang himself in his bedroom after the quarreling with his parents. He went into a coma and died after rescue. After that, his mother felt guilty and blamed herself for not understanding his son and using punishment to handle the problems.


After that, Shan stated to have suicidal risk herself. She was than referred to SBHK “Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre ”by Medical Social Worker. After using the follow-up service, she has overcome the hardship because of his husband and her other son. That incident changed SHAN’s parenting mindset. Now SHAN listens more to his second son and willing to understands his feeling. She is trying to take a balance between parents’ expectation and the wills of his son. At the same time, SHAN concern more of his son’s emotion and mental health, and enhance her awareness toward his son’s thought about life and death.