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06/04/2019 Kowloon Flag Day 2019.01.07

SBHK will be hosting its 2019 Flag day in Kowloon District on the 6 April 2019 (Saturday). This event aim at raising fund for our life education program and suicide prevention service.
This event has been approved by the Social Welfare Department.

We are now recruiting 2,000 volunteers for this meaningful event. 


6-4-2019 (Saturday)




Kowloon District

Application Deadline:

11-3-2019 (Monday)


- Student under the age of 14, must be accompanied by an adult during flag day 
- All flag day volunteer will receive an appreciation certificate as a token of gratitude to their unconditional support.

Online Application Form (Individual): Click Here 
Download Application Form (Organisation): Click Here
Download Application Form (School): Click Here