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"Care for the 60+" The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong 2019 Promotion 2019.08.08
In 2018, there were 353 suicide cases in the 60 or above age group, the figure remains at a tremendously high level.

This age group faces some unique suicide inducements, for example, physical decline, poor mental health, retirement problem, spouse deceased, low coping ability, interpersonal relationship problem, etc. It also has the highest suicide rate amount all age group in 2018, hence we believe elderly suicide problem should be of greater concern to the public.

In view of this worrying situation, SBHK launch an all new Television campaign "Care for the 60+", to raise public awareness of elderly suicide and encourage the public show care to the elderly they know. The advertisement shows the effect when elderly uses a positive or negative perspective to handle the adverse situation in life. We hope elderly can employ a positive attitude to cope with the negative emotion they experience in their daily life and seek help when needed.

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