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Do you know how many suicide deaths every day on average?

Do you know how many people will be affected by a suicide case?

You probably will give a hand if you know the fact.

According to the report provided by the Coronor's Court, there were 12.36 suicide deaths per every 100,000 people in Hong Kong in 2017. There were 2.51 cases of suicide deaths on average everyday. According to a survey, 6 to 30 friends or relatives will be affected by a suicide case. Their risk of suicide will also be higher than normal people by 2 to 3 folds.

Prevention is always better than remedial action. There may be many causes leading to suicides, but the level of resilience and care one can have is important for a person to overcome challenges in one's life. Your support will definitely allow us to strengthen our work to raise people's level of resilience, promote a caring attitude among people, and provide effective services for suicide prevention.

IR File No: 91/1498