Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre

Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre was established in March 2002 with the support of Lotteries Fund. It provides 24-hour crisis intervention and emergency emotional support service to people with medium to high suicide risks. Through intensive counselling and follow up services, we help the service users to rebuild their faith of living and enhance their ability to deal with crises.

Seeing the needs of the relatives and friends of the suicides (survivors), we organized the first support group called "Live the Rainbow" in 2004. The support group provides one-stop services including counselling, small groups and continuous support service in which the survivors will be accompanied in their difficult moments.

As internet was getting more and more popular and there were a lot of people with suicidal risks looking for channels in the internet world to express their emotions, the Centre started up "Suicide Prevention on neT" and "Web Engagement Project" (Help4suicide) in 2008 and 2009 to expand our suicide preventon services on internet.

We launch our cross-platform suicide prevention and emotional support service - Chat Point in 2018. Our trained volunteers and staffs provide real time text emotional support to people with emotional distress and sucidial thought. We hope to ease their nagative emotion and assist them to face their personal challenge.