Organisation Introduction

Society Reference No.: C0468623  |  IR No. (Tax Exemption): 91/1498

Formerly known as “Suicide Prevention Society”, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong was founded by Mr. H.K. To in July, 1960. The name of the organisation was later changed to “The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong” in October, 1976, without religious stance, we follow the generosity and benevolence of the Good Samaritan in the Bible who always stretched forth a helping hand to the distressed and helpless. Through the giving of support and rendering emotional counselling to those in need, we help them to help themselves.

Mission and Ethos

Mission Statement

To bring out the benevolence in human nature and with love, patience and compassion, nurture the spirit of mutual aid, mutual support and mutual affection.

Our Mission

To befriend, on humanitarian grounds, people who are facing difficulties or are lonely and depressed, by helping them to regain confidence in life. To publicise and promote the spirit of our service in the community through talks, seminars, research and other means of community service. To help in the South East Asia and neighboring areas to set up organisations with a nature and mission similar to ours.

Our Ethos

  • We establish ourselves as the Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong to bring out in full the benevolence in human nature, and with love, patience and compassion, nurture the spirit of mutual aid, mutual support and mutual affection.
  • We give the hopeless, the helpless and the suicidality inclined a listener when they need one so that they can relate their inner pain and distress.
  • We let help seekers feel accepted and supported so as to enable them to overcome emotional distress and face up to their problems.
  • We respect the right of help seekers in self-determination even if they decide to commit suicide, and also their right to discontinue contact with us at any time.
  • We respect the privacy of help seekers and will not disclose their personal information to any outside party. Such information would only be kept by us for the purpose of providing effective service. Our Chairman and supervisory officers have the right to get access to details of cases. No service shall be provided should a help seeker find this unacceptable.

Our Milestones

  • 2011-2023

    2023 – December, ChatPoint Youth Crisis Angel Training Program
    2023–  October, Launch of Youth Crisis Service Hotline
    2020 – January, Launch of English Emotional Support Hotline
    2019 – July, Life Angels Suicide Prevention Service – Online Message Support Scheme launched, service until March 2020
    2018 – Launch of ChatPoint online chat service
    2018 – October, launch of Lifetube (online life education resources network)
    2017 – McDull Charity Run held for the first time
    2016 – October, launch of The Jockey Club Life-Connect Resource Network
    2015 – The third emblem of the institution was born and is still in use today
    2015 – Opening ceremony of Headquarters, Shui Tin House Pak Tin Estate
    2014 – “From Darkness to Sunrise” City Orienteering Competition held for the first time
    2014 – Headquarter was moved from Block 3 Pak Tin Centre to Block B Shui Tin House Pak Tin Estate
    2012 – Launch of Life Drama Programme

  • 2001 - 2010

    2010 – April, launch of Help4Suicide
    2008 – Launch of Suicide Prevention on neT
    2006 – Establishment of Ur-Link Professional Training & Development Centre
    2004 – September, launch of Live the Rainbow Service the first support group in Hong Kong for the relatives and friends of the suicidal people
    2003 – Establishment of Jockey Club Life Education Resource Library
    2002年 – The Shun Lee Estate Lee Foo House office moved to Pak Tin Centre Block 3, an ceremony was held in December to announce the formal opening
    2002 – March, establishment of Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre
    2002 –  May, establishment of Life Education Centre

  • 1981 - 2000

    1996 – Officially moved into the Choi Hung Estate office, the Hotline Center was thus established
    1995 –  With the support of the Social Welfare Department, the Housing Department allocated a Choi Hung Estate space (current site) for SBHK as an office base
    1994 – The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong changed from organisation registration to company registration
    1986 – February, an opening ceremony to announce the office in Shun Lee Estate Lee Foo House was officially in use
    1985 – November, office in Lok Fu Lo Fu Ngam was moved to Shun Lee Estate Lee Foo House in November
    1984 – May 6, organised the first charitable walk event
    1981 – July, held the “Unemployed Student” charitable gala premiere
    1981 – The organisation’s second emblem was born, it was in abstract graphic, and the emblem had been in use until 2015

  • 1960 - 1980

    1977 –  November becoming a member of The Community Chest of Hong Kong
    1976 – Organisation name changed to “The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong”
    1975 – April organised the first Hotline Volunteer Training
    1963 – Officially registered in Hong Kong Societies Registry named “The Hong Kong Samaritans”
    1962 – Becoming a member of International Association of Suicide Prevention
    1960 – The organisation’s first emblem that looked like a “life buoy” was born, and the emblem had been in use until 1981
    1960 – Establishment of Suicide Prevention Society

Organisation Structure

SBHK Organisation Structure Chart

Service Structure

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