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Care for 60+

In 2018, there were 353 elderly suicide over 60 years old. The number continues to be high and the situation is worrying. 60+ elderlies are facing with some unique inducements that lead to suicide, such as decline in physical function, poor mental health, retirement problems, spouse death, insufficient coping skills, and interpersonal problems. In 2018, the elderly suicide rate was the highest among all age groups, so the problem of suicide by the elderly deserves more attention.

In view of this, in August this year, SBHK launched a new series of TV commercial – Care for 60+, to arouse public attention to the suicide problem of the elderly and to care about the elderly around them. In the first part of the commercial, the elderly confessed their negative thoughts, and in the latter part they reappeared with a smile on their faces and faced all situations from a positive angle. SBHK hopes that the elderly can face negative emotions in life from a positive perspective, or seek help from outsiders to face problems squarely.

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