Other Donations

Tribute Giving

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time, to commemorate for relatives and friends, some people may consider to donate a token of sympathy, in Chinese tradition it is the gift of money made on the occasion of a funeral or the money on buying memorial flower wreaths, to The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong in the name of commemorating your relatives and friends, so as to transform the sympathy of your beloved ones to extend the love to the community.

Policy Giving

Please consider to join Policy Donation to help us provide care and support to the people in need. You may contact your licensed insurance intermediaries and nominate The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong as the Beneficiary with all or certain % of the insured amount.

For details, you may contact your licensed insurance intermediaries or browse the 「LifeCare Movement」: https://www.policydonation.org.hk/0468623-SBHK.html

Please include the following information:
Organisation: The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong
Address: Unit 1, BLK B, 3/F, Shui Tin House, Pak Tin Estate, Kln
IR. No. (Tax Exemption): 91/1498
Organisation / Company Registration No.: CI 0468623

Legacy Giving

Pecuniary Legacy

It is a gift of a specific sum of money, decided by you at the time your write or alter your will. The gift can be whatever is left of your estate, or a percentage thereof, after all your other gifts, taxes have been paid out.

Specific Legacy
A specific bequest is a gift of a particular item(s) of property, share or bond, etc.

You may consult your lawyers or visit the Law Society of Hong Kong’s website for advice on how to draw up your will.

To make it easy for you, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong has joined forces with ForeverGift.hk, a legacy giving platform, to offer you a simple way to create your will in the comfort of your own home. The legacy giving platform is supported by practicing lawyers in Hong Kong. Simply submit your wishes through the platform and you will receive a legally valid will delivered to your door.

After making a will, tell your family about it to ensure that your wishes will be carried out to benefit the community. It would be very helpful if you get in touch to let us know. Knowing that you are leaving us a gift in your will helps us plan for the future.

Law Society of Hong Kong’s website:
ForeverGift.hk website: https://www.forevergift.hk/sbhk

Donate Goods or Provide Services

Venue: Provide venue for holding events
Advertisement: Distribute the information or activities of the association in your organization’s newsletter, quarterly magazine, publications, web pages, etc.
Promotion: Intranet or email to employees, customers and partners to deliver the organization’s information or donation form
Retail network: Help us put up donation boxes or set up charity bazaars
Professional service support: support our activities or services in design, printing, audio, multimedia production or logistics
Sponsored items: Direct donations of items or supplies to support our events or services

For more information, please contact our Public Communications Department on 2363 7533 or email to care@sbhk.org.hk.