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Hong Kong people often face pressure, when stress turns into negative emotions, their mental, physical, and life are easily affected, but they or their relatives and friends often do not know how to deal with it. The accumulation of negative emotions can easily lead to exhaustion and even thoughts of suicide, which can lead to a suicide crisis! To prevent tragedies, it is important to do much education on life cherishment and suicide prevention as early as possible.

Life Education Centre was established in 2002 to promote Suicide Prevention Education Project, which funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund; soon after with more sponsorships and projects rolled out and enriched resources, the Centre has become an important role of early suicide prevention. The services include outreach and community activities, volunteer training, Jockey Club Life Education Resource Library and educational publication. All these help the general public understand the meaning of lives, and raise their awareness and support to others with negative emotions. The presence of more “Community Gate Keepers” and thus less suicide cases can be realised.

Suicide Prevention Education Project

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Suicide Prevention Education Project is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust since 2002 to promote 4 major messages through outreach services, community activities, volunteer training, Jockey Club Life Education Resource Library and publication. The messages are: to know oneself, be self-confident and get prepared to face challenges and difficulties during growth; to know others, understand the importance of helping and caring for one another, appreciate others’ opinions and needs; to know the earth, the urgency of cherishing the environment; to understand the universe, the meaning of life and death, as well as life cherishment.

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Services include:

  • Talk

    Growth is not just about an increase in age, but also about the different contacts, learning experiences, and acquisitions that occur at different stages of life, leading to greater self-awareness and change. Through the talks, we hope to reach people from different backgrounds, allowing them to be exposed to life education and reflect on their own lives, leading to personal growth and learning how to interact with themselves and others. The talk cover different topics, including students’ and parents’, allowing organisations and schools to choose the appropriate service direction.

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  • Life and Death Workshop

    People always have to face death. Through life and death education activities, discussions and sharing, we reflect on the meaning of survival and life by looking at death from the perspective of life with the participants.

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  • “Letter from Survivors” Suicide Survivors Sharing Talk

    Suicide survivors may have deeper reflections on suicide with diverse perspectives after their traumatic experience. The activity of “Letter from Survivors” Sharing Talk will invite friends and family members of suicide victims to share their thoughts, feelings and reflections so as to educate the  participants about suicide prevention and encourage them to think about the issue of “suicide” from multiple perspectives. By doing this, parents and children can also understand the difficulties of others so that they can form the best mutual supporting network themselves.

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  • Group

    In the form of group activities, students are trained to become ambassadors, who are not only aware of their own emotions but also actively support people in need.

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  • Heartfelt Tour Group

    In the activity, participants will walk into the community to interact with different groups, and through sharing their life stories, reflect on the value of their own lives.

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  • Community Visit and Service

    The Centre organises volunteer trainings – Life Ambassador Program, where trained volunteer members will be named as Life Ambassadors, they are trained with skills and knowledge to do home visit, to help to operate in exhibitions and community activities, and to enhance the environment of mutual help and mutual love.

  • School Exhibition and Experience

    The exhibition uses an interactive approach for students to experience certain activities, we hope that these activities can enhance students’ better learning on how to cherish life, how to care people, how to release pressure as to understand more about life.

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  • Jockey Club Life Education Resource Library

    In 2002, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong received sponsorship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust to establish Hong Kong Jockey Club Suicide Prevention Resources Library. Provide resource support for those who are pursuing life education, or those who are interested in pursuing life education in their work or family positions. They can obtain more information about suicide prevention and life education by borrowing books, video discs, newspaper clippings, teaching kits and computer materials.

    Later in 2014, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust supported the decoration and equipment of our new centre, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Suicide Prevention Resources Library was renamed Jockey Club Life Education Resource Library. The Jockey Club Life Education Resource Library has a wide collection of books and CDs related to suicide prevention, life education, life and death studies, counselling, as well as children picture books. There are also newspaper clippings of suicide cases for many years available for the general public. Apart from that, we regularly publish “Life Interflow”, a newsletter to share updated life education information.

    Opening hours:
    – Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00;
    – Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays Closed;
    – Lunch 13:00-14:00

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  • Emotional Supporting Counters

    Invited by MTR Corp, from 2015 we set up “Emotional Supporting Counters” in the East Rail Line. Information boards showing the symptoms of suicide and handling skills, as well as the message of life cherishment were exhibited to the general public. In order to enhance the passersby’ awareness of their emotional status, they were invited to have an assessment. Also, some leaflets were distributed to the passersby.